App iOS stuck. Help please!

  1. I'm new to WordPress (two weeks old), and I don't know where else to turn to. So here goes...

    I downloaded WordPress just yesterday, and linked it to my self-hosted WordPress website. I didn't really plan on doing any heavy-lifting on my phone, just to keep me updated while I'm away from my primary computer. And while I was exploring the app, and getting to know it better, I must have wandered into the room in Post>Settings. Nothing is broken, just that I CAN'T GET OUT of this place. There isn't a back-button for me to exit. And now I'm stuck here. HELP!...

  2. Hi there!

    Would you mind taking a screenshot of the page you're in so we can confirm the next steps?

    Also, have you tried to fully close the app and see if it gets you back to the initial My Site screen?


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