iOS App / Jetpack Publicize Issues

  1. Hi There,

    Have recently started using the Publicize function from Jetpack on a site. The blogposts all publish correctly when published from a desktop but when published from the iOS Wordpress mobile app then don't post a headline and sometimes the featured image does not post correctly.

    This is happening on both Facebook and Google + but only when posting from the iOS mobile wordpress app.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?


  2. Hi nomur,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble. I'd like to ask a few questions that should help us figure out what's going on.

    - In the app, could you look at your site's stats screen and tell me if you see your stats or if you're prompted to login into Jetpack. The stats screen is at "My Sites" (The left most tab) > Your Site's name > "Stats".

    - In wp-admin, can you check your Jetpack settings and tell me if the JSON API feature is activated.

    Knowing the answer to these questions will tell me if the app is using the old XML-RPC API or Jetpacks API to communicate with your blog. And that will tell me were to look for the glitch.


  3. Hi Eric

    Thank you so much for your response. It's frustrating me a lot. Ok I had a look in the app and yes, I can see all the stats up, they all seem to be displaying correctly.

    I've also checked the Jetpack setting in WP-Admin and the JSON API is indeed activated.

    I hope this information helps with finding out what's wrong.

    Thanks again for your help with this.


  4. Hi Noel,

    Thanks for the details. I've set up a self-hosted test blog connected to Jetpack with the JSON API activated to help me debug the issue.

    I've configured publicize to post to Google+, and I've posted a test post from wp-admin,, and the WordPress for iOS app. For the test post, I gave it a title, a couple of lines of text, an image inserted below the text, and a separate featured image. In each case the post on Google+ contained the headline, a snippet of text, and the featured image.

    So far everything is working for me, so there must be something I'm missing. Are there any other details you can share, any thing about posting from the app that might be relevant. Were you maybe creating drafts and publishing later, or uploading images from the app vs using image from the media library? Is there a certain sequence of steps you can take where the publicized post always appears wrong?

    Let me know.


  5. HI Eric

    This is so strange. Do you have a screen shot of how it's posting that I can see. I've literally just tried another post and on Google + I get a snippet of text and the back link. This time I got no featured image and still no headline.

    Facebook is the same except I'm getting the featured image. When we use the iOS app we would be uploading images for post on the mobile and not necessarily using anything from the media library directly.

    Also this is happening for both drafts to publish later and instantly published posts.

    Sequence we use is type or paste all the text into the iOS app, including the headline, then upload the image and select featured image. We then categorize the post and give is keyword tags. Then once all is ok we publish or schedule the post.

    If there's anything else you need from me please let me know.

    My thanks

  6. HI Eric

    I've spoken to someone in Jetpack who has told me that no headline at the top of the social post is normal, which I strongly disagree. If articles in a newspaper didn't have a headline at the top I wouldn't buy it.

    Despite this the posts share on Twitter with a text headline at the top and the post url underneath with a featured. So why would this not be true for Facebook and Google +. When I sent him a screen shot from a tutorial on Jetpack showing a headline, the url and a featured image backlink underneath he then proceeded to tell me..

    These are indeed issues we're aware of, and are working to improve the functionality of in Publicize. Sorry for the trouble, keep an eye out for future updates!

    I can't wait any length of time for "an update" as it's too important for us to leave this as it is. We have very good social traffic and this is causing a problem. I really and honestly appreciate anything you've done to help me thus far.

    Unless there is a way to have the Custom Message (which defaults as the post Subject Line) at the top of a social post, just like it does on Twitter, I'm going to have to find another way to do this.

    I really wanted Jetpack to work as it's linked directly with the iOS Wordpress application. And I'm still hoping to get a solution. But for now we'll have to do it the non lazy way and paste links into the various social outlets.

    Thanks for everything. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

  7. Hi Noel!

    I did a bit of testing and compiled some screenshots of what I'm experiencing on both Facebook and Google +.

    First, I created a new post on our iOS app (iPhone 6). The site was already connected to Publicize for Facebook and Google +. I input some filler text and put in a photo at the top of the page. Here's how it came out on both Facebook and Google +:

    Google +—

    By contrast, here's what I see when I publish via a desktop with a custom message set via Publicize:

    Google +—

    Unfortunately, we're a bit at the mercy of the social network to display the article as they see fit with Publicize. We send over the information including any custom message and photo. The social network chooses how to display the content. I realize this is a bit frustrating. For example, here's the same post I linked to in my second example above manually shared on Facebook:

    I think that's closer to the look you're going for. Can you confirm?

  8. Hi Jeremy

    You've absolutely hit the nail on the head. I can confirm the two desktop posts and indeed the manual post are exactly what we're looking for. What baffles me is how Twitter treats the same thing. It appears to use the custom message, or maybe the subject of the post in Wordpress, as on both iOS mobile and on desktop the post both share the exact same way.

    On Desktop also, I've never set the custom message, it appears to default to the Subject line of the post. So there's something to ponder.

    If there was a way for the iOS app to recognise or default a custom message, I think we're on the road to a solution. But I don't know how these things work.

    Any suggestions or script additions that might overide the current state would be very welcome.

    Thanks Jeremy, to you and Eric for responding and addressing my issues.

    It's very much appreciated.

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