iOS app format issue & incompatible with ppwp plugin

  1. I'm running a self-hosted wordpress website and have partial-password-protected sections on some posts, using the shortcode [ppwp ....] provided by the plugin Password Protect WordPress.

    Everything works fine except when I follow my own website from the wordpress iOS app.
    When I check out my own posts on my phone, the formatting is completely erased by the app. (Everything crammed together, no paragraph, no separation whatsoever.)

    More importantly, not only is the password-protected content displayed, the entire shortcode line is displayed as if it were plain text.

    This is very problematic and I'd really appreciate if someone could like me know how to fix it.

    Both the formatting and the plugin work fine on browsers. It's only the app. I've also purged cache everywhere multiple times.

  2. Hi there!

    When you access the site, even from the app, you are taken to a browser window which is not in the app anymore. So I would suggest contacting the plugin developers regarding this issue.

  3. Hi,

    I am viewing the content from the Reader tab in the app and that is where things go wrong. I am contacting the plugin developers regarding the issue.

    However, I've tried to resolve this issue by switching to a different but similar plugin, purging cache everywhere, disabling other plugins etc. The problem persists.

    Even when I use wordpress's native password protect feature on a post and view the post in the reader tab, although it doesn't display an excerpt of the post (instead it says the content is protected), once I click on the post, the content is still displayed without any protection whatsoever.

    Given this evidences, I think it's reasonable to suspect that the issue lies within the app rather than the plugins.

  4. Hi there!

    I have just run a few tests and the content shows protected in the reader as well, so something else might be at play here.

    Could you please contact our support team from the app so we can have access to the app logs and can investigate this further?

    You can do that by clicking on the profile icon - Help and Support - Contact support

    If possible, please provide the site address in your message and a screenshot of what you see in the reader so we can take a look.

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