iOS App fails to upload Video (Time Out)

  1. I am consistently getting time out upload errors when uploading videos using the iOS app.

    I don't have any problems when:
    - using the wordpress via. the web (including if I use safari on the iPad to upload the video).

    I know there are several closed threads about this, particularly relating to changing the upload settings in php.ini to allow for larger files and higher script processing times. I have made these changes, as well as enabling xmlrpc in php.ini. But I'm still getting the same problem when using the wordpress app on an iPad or iPhone.

    We're planning to roll out 500 blogs to students next year, and we want to depend heavily on the wordpress app - but this is causing a bit of a headache. I could use help troubleshooting this so that users can upload video from the WP app on iOS for our multisite deployment.

    We aren't having trouble uploading outside of the app, only when using the app. I can't get any more specific errors from the app other than the time out error.

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