iOS app doesn't cope with shared SSL via GNUTLS

  1. Hello

    I was using [1] gnutls to support multiple SSL certs on a single IP. It worked fine with the Safari browser on iOS, but would not work with the iOS app.

    When I switched to using the more supported, but only supporting a single site, modssl, I can now use the iOS app.

    the logs on the iPad report Connection reset by peer NSUnderlyingError=0x285550

    This site provides test that your browser can support the shared SSL approach, would be great if the iOS client could do it also.

    Also, despite the edit url being explicitly defined as HTTPS in the blog headers, the client was ignoring that and failing back to HTTP...


  2. That's odd. I believe I'm using the same approach on and it works ok for me. I'm no expert at SSL, but maybe you can take a look at the cert there and see if it helps

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