IOS App doesn't automatically update

  1. I've noticed that when I save a draft in the IOS App, it doesn't automatically update it in memory.

    If I go back to the list of posts and select that draft, I get the version that was current when I first opened the app, not the version I just updated.

    In order to be sure I have the correct and most recent version, I have to manually refresh the list of posts every time, before I load anything.

    If I don't I often find I rewrite the newer version on the server with the older one.

    The app also closes unexpectedly very often when saving a draft.

  2. The app closes should be fixed in 3.8.3, which we just released.

    I can't reproduce the "old draft" issue, can you try the latest version and see if that's fixed as well?

  3. Same problem here after the latest update that should have fixed the update, and link, button problem. I edit a page, click the update button. Next time I load the page the changes wasn't saved, the changes lost. Hoping for a fix. I miss being able to edit my pages in Wordpress for iPad - just discovered that the content was actually updated on the server/my domain, but for some reason it wasn't updated or refreshed in the wordpress for ipad editor..


  4. This is being tracked here:

    The problem is I can't get it to happen: when I tap Update, the post uploads and the content is there when I open it.

    Do you have any plugins installed? Were is your blog hosted?

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