iOS app crashing not responding

  1. fromundermytransumbrella
    Aug 21, 2019, 8:24 PM


    On iOS 12.4 with an 8plus I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it twice with the same issues. I can log in but I cannot check anything else. If I attempt to make a post I get an error message about the post not being able to be uploaded. I also cannot change any Taxonomy and my tags I cannot see. This has been like this for about a week now I saw another post and that person deleted the app and it was fixed... not so much for me please help!

  2. It sounds like your case may be a little bit different compared to the other one. In the other one, if I am thinking of the right case, there was a problem with syncing some kinds of comments or notifications and users affected by that issue were seeing an immediate crash on startup—it was not happening to all users and deleting and reinstalling the app fixed the problem in those cases.

    For your case, it sounds like the app is not crashing as in completely shutting down but it's also not responding. Is that correct?

    Can you provide your site address or send it to so we can take a close look at your case? We will want to know other details such as the type of site and where it's hosted (we can check this if we know the address) and either the exact error message and the exact steps taken right before you see the error or a screenshot showing the error if possible.

    Thanks for reaching out!

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