iOS app causes my IP to be blocked

  1. The iOS app causes my IP address to be blocked at my provider's Plesk system. I contacted them and they said this happens when there are too many login requests.

    I can unblock myself using their system, but everytime I open the WP app, go to a submenu of tap anything, I am blocked again.

    Could it me that the app is making too many requests? It renders the app useless for me now.

  2. I have the same issue, only I do not have direct access to unblock IPs. Luckily, my provider’s system seems to unblock some IPs automatically after a set time. But as soon as I use the Wordpress app on my iPad, the entire thing freezes again.
    Several updates are hung up for publication in the app and my site is a mess. The system just unblocked my IP so I’m using my access via the .../wp-admin login to straighten things out, but it’s a real hassle.
    A resolution would be very much appreciated.

  3. My ISP told me that XMLRPC requests are blocked because hackers use them often. To get the app working again, I renamed XMLRPC on my WP website.

    This can be done using this plugin: Rename XMLRPC.

    After installing, remove site from the WP app and add it again. Presto!

  4. Thanks for the tip. While looking for that plug-in, I bumped into the AIOWPS plug-in and installed that. Seems to have done the trick, too, for unblocking my home WiFi IP. I’ll just stick to the webinterface from now on

  5. Hi there!

    I'm glad to hear you have been able to find some alternatives for this to work for both of your.

    The WP apps, like some other plugins, services, and apps, relies on the XMLRPC.php file to communicate with our systems.
    If your hosting provider blocks access to this file or limits it, it can cause issues with how the app works. It looks like you have already found some solutions, but you could also ask them to remove the block and use other ways to mitigate XML-RPC attacks instead.

    If you're still running into blocks, do let us know!


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