IOS 7 Wordpress App Is A Nightmare

  1. MasterclassLady
    Oct 8, 2013, 12:20 AM

    Is anyone else having crash issues. with the iOS 7 WordPress App? Two of my articles have disappeared, some are not updating and I cannot access my Dashboard from my WP App. It brings me to the non-mobile login format. In short, the WP App is a mess.

    If someone could address and resolve any or, preferably all, of these issues, I will be forever grateful and link to your blog. :)

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. MasterclassLady
    Oct 8, 2013, 12:21 AM

    I am at the .Com site but was told to post mt issues here so that the Developers are made aware of this.

  3. Yes, crashes all the time for me too. Please fix soon.

  4. Crashes for me to. Every time I use the editor, it crashes after a while, and everything is lost. Hoping for a quick update, making it workable again.


  5. Hi, we've detected a crash when using the link button in the editor. Is that the case or is something else crashing?

    We have a fix for that and we'll be releasing a new version soon.

  6. MasterclassLady
    Oct 10, 2013, 2:16 AM

    That's good re the fix. But I experienced issues when I pressed the publish button. The articles disappeared into the cyberspace.

  7. I experienced issues when I pressed the publish button

    The same here, besides the link button problem.

  8. It crashes as I want to add an photo. Also I notice that the cursor can't be put in any place when I need to add or correct a text, only can be put behind a letter or dot. I also thought my post was lost, but it was there only not under the blog title. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  9. I also thought my post was lost, but it was there only not under the blog title

    MasterclassLady: was that the case? I can get the crashes easily, but I can't manage to lose content while testing it

  10. MasterclassLady
    Oct 10, 2013, 1:16 PM

    Jorge - yes this was exactly what happened as well. But, in one instance, the blog topic was saved as a draft twice. It was very confusing. One had information and the other didn't so, of course, I published the one with information. But, when I did so there was nothing there.

    Also, I had problems placing the cursor as one person on this thread already mentioned.

  11. I had problems placing the cursor

    I experience the same problem. Very difficult to place the cursor at the end of a text line..

  12. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier.

    I have to manually refresh the post list after saving any update or draft. Apparently it does get to the server, but the version in the iPad memory is the older one until the refresh.

    Many a newer post was overwritten until I realized this.

  13. I can't seem to log in to wordpress app on my ipad as every time I try to, it says to update my credentials (which I have no idea what it is!).

    The blog I need help with is

  14. ceilidhhiggins
    Oct 20, 2013, 1:34 AM

    I have just upgraded to 3.8.3. When I first opened it, I could see my post list and opened a draft post. Now I can't seem to save or close the post, I can't get back to the list and I can't get to anything else either. I swipe sideways and I cans see the main menu, but if I click into stats it just goes back to the post. The post has not saved either, if I go to the web word press the amended content is not there.

  15. I'm suddenly unable to sign in when using the app.

    Please help.

  16. @sammythr, can you describe what's happening in a little more detail? Do you see an error message? What does it say?

  17. Hi I'm having many of the same issues others are describing here. I've been creating a post and it's not updating in my post list or on my website but the post exists because I publish to Facebook and it's there. Weird..
    I can't create links in my posts because the link button is not active
    I can't copy and paste since only the bubble appears without the actions to select
    In general everything that makes Wordpress so wonderful and easy to work with has vanished since using the WP app on my ipad. Help! this is frustrating, time consuming and I'm not making any progress with my blog as I had hoped since getting an ipad.
    My site is

  18. @Eric: "Sorry, we can't log you in. Please update your credentials and try again."

    My email is correct, my password is correct, my URL is


  19. Hi sammythr
    We just relased an update to the iOS app that fixes a bunch of issues around credentials that were affecting the previous version. You might try upgrading and see if the problem is fixed. Let us know if you still can't sign in!

  20. Nope. Still can't log in with the updated ipad app. :(

  21. @puresecrets Sorry to hear that. :(

    Can you tell me a little bit more about what's happening? Where in the app are you when you try to sign in? Is it the sign up screen, the self-hosted sign up screen or somewhere else in the app like stats or view site?

    If the trouble is happening somewhere besides the sign in screen you might try this:
    - Go to the Settings screen.
    - Tap the edit button and remove you blog from the app.
    - If the app says you're signed into click the sign out button.
    - Doing this should take you back to the Welcome screen.
    - Now try signing in with your username and password.

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