iOS 7 App issues (iPad) (v.3.8.3)

  1. Hi all,

    although I'm new to using Wordpress altogether, I've had a string of problems with the app on my iPad.

    I'm currently using v.3.8.3 which I believe is the most current version from the App store, but this is what I've been experiencing so far:

    - typing posts using the on-screen keyboard constant lags. I can type a sentence, and then watch the screen as the keyboard slowly catches up. I haven't experienced this issue in any other apps, just Wordpress.

    - when drafting a post, if I save a draft, close the app, or switch to a different app, and then eventually return to my draft, I cannot edit it properly. eg. let's say I have four paragraphs in a post, and when I save my draft and leave the app, my cursor is between para. 2 and 3, when I return to finish my draft, or edit my draft, I cannot select any text below where the cursor is, so I have to save my drafts, and then wait until I get home and open Wordpress in my browser, and edit the draft in my browser.

    - When using the wordpress app, or via the wordpress website in Safari on my ipad and I want to post a link amongst the text in a post, I can't. The link simply doesn't work. Even if trying it through HTML. However, if I do the same thing on my laptop in a browser, it will work.

    - When i'm reading other blogs that I'm following, sometimes I get a coloured bar across my screen that will either block a section of text, and scroll with the page, or sometimes the bar remains where it is, and blocks whatever text scrolls behind / underneath it.

    - when I draft a post, and then switch / close wordpress app, and return to the draft later, I cannot post my draft. It just remains as a draft, and I have to log in on my laptop to actually post my draft.

    The whole point of having this app on my iPad was so I could write posts when I'm out and about, but when I'm experiencing all these issues, it becomes more of a hinderance, and actually detracts from the convenience when I still have to wait until I get home to my laptop to actually be able to post anything properly.

    Has anybody else experienced any of these issues? And yes, I've also tried re-installing the app, restarting my iPad, and closing all other background apps to see if that fixes anything, and no, it doesn't.

  2. Wow! Let me second the typing lag! I rarely use the app, thankfully. Today, I responded to a comment, and I could literally type 4 - 5 characters before any appear.

    Using an iPhone 4S, barely a month old. No other problems. In fact, I'm posting with it now, and there is <b>no</b> lag.

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