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  1. Hi,

    could you provide a download link for the last wordpress version compatible with iOS 6.1.3?
    That would be awesome :)



  2. Hi Christoph

    There is not a direct link to download earlier versions of the app, just the link to the current version in the app store:

    However, you might have a look at this Apple Support page for instructions on downloading earlier versions of an app that are compatible with your version of iOS:


  3. Hi Eric,

    it seems that apple doesn't host older versions of Wordpress.

    It thought I could find it here:

    But first I wouldn't know which is the last compatible version for iOS 6.1.3 and second I don't know if any of the provided versions works with iOS at all.



  4. Hi Christoph,

    The archives at are earlier versions of the WordPress server-side software, not for the iOS app.

    I'm assuming you're looking for a version of the WordPress for iOS app since you're on this forum and mentioned the need for compatibility with iOS 6.1.3 However, if you're looking for a version of WordPress for your web site that you could administer from your iOS device, the latest version (4.4) should do fine.

    If it helps, the source code for the iOS app can be found at The last version of the app that would run on iOS 6.1.3 is WordPress for iOS version 3.8.6. Here's the URL to that version of the code: The app is open source and licensed under the GPLv2, so you're welcome to build you're own version if you're so inclined, but its not really something we can help you with here.

    Hope this helps!

  5. I finally managed to install the app from the zip-file and it works perfectly :) Thanks!

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