IOS 3.1 Crashes

  1. I just downloaded the update to the WordPress app, and it is unusable on my iPad3. Each time I either try to add a new post by tapping the + sign under the post listing or that I try to edit an existing draft (by tapping on the post title), the application crashes. When I restart the application, the crash report that it asks to send back has this exception noted:

    Exception NSInvalidArgumentException -- *** -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be nil

    The previous version worked fine for me without any problems but this new version is absolutely unusable. Is there any way to revert to the old version?

  2. Hi, the newest version of the app works with Post Formats, which was added in WordPress 3.1. Your blog looks to be running 3.0 - can you update to the latest version of WordPress?

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