Inserting Custom Image Sizes in WP 2

  1. I have my wordpress install set up to create 500px wide "medium" sized images, but the wordpress iphone app seems to be inserting the large sized images into the post and using browser resizing to set the images to 300px.

    It would be much better if the iphone app could:

    a] use the medium or large sized image

    b] insert it using the correct height and width in the img tag

  2. Same Problem here, set it up to 800 min/max but allways get the small 300 width pictures inserted.

  3. Hi, I suggest that you simply remove the width and height atributes in the img code. Please give it a try and let me know the result.

    I'm interested because I've been having a similar problem, but after I remove the width and height, I find that the image uploaded is only 640x480.

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