Inconsistent saving of iOS app & other problems

  1. It happened to me several times already that I tried editing a Draft on iOS and wanted to continue working on it in the web version (self hosted). I open the draft (already saved sometime), but my latest edits are not available. Sure I forgot to upload the latest edits as I have been offline the last few days. But unfortunately the latest edits are not available on the local iOS version anymore! The latest revision from the web (where I didn't make any changes) is available, but not the "local" (offline) edits.

    Please make the editing of posts more robust or add local revisions to the app as the syncing really doesn't always work.

    I am currently offline a lot due to traveling and write drafts on my phone only to continue writing them on the web later. If I forget to "upload" the edits before opening the web version of the post - everything is gone. This is really annoying.

    Due to this problem I have switched to writing my posts in iOS Notes first and only copy them over to the app when I'm done (as the App also gets slow upon writing very long posts).
    Last but not least I don't like the interface of writing posts as the main action "buttons" are not really clear to new users. When writing a new draft I have "Save" later on I have "Update". Users don't know the difference and all other apps/programs have a "Save" button. Why not simply have a "Save draft"/"Save" and "Publish" button.

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