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  1. Hello,
    Notifications of comments that include an apostrophe ' will be interrupted right before the apostrophe. Since I get a lot of comments in French, where apostrophes are widely used, I just can't read most of them straight from the iOS app. This is a classic problem in many web forms, but it is a relatively recent problem with this app (a few weeks, maybe).
    Thanks for looking into this!

  2. Thanks for the report. We'll check into it.

  3. What appeared to me is that comments are only truncated at the first accessed.
    It happened only hour ago and I went surfing google for some hints. I found this article and, when I went in the wordpress iOS app, comment appeared not truncated.
    I'm sure it was and also were all the previous ones in the past.
    I checked all other comments, and all are displayed nice. But, apparently not the new ones
    Hint: my blog is up to date, in French

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