In WP Network JetPack does not show correct stats

  1. On iOS in a Wordpress Network with 2 blogs ( and I get the same stats in the statistics tab from JetPack on both blogs, interestingly enough the ones from, the one I installed later.

    Going to the dashboard tab and starting JetPack statistics from there works fine.

    My Wordpress version is 3.4.1 German, the iOS version is todays (Sep 7 2012). This has been the case in previous versions as well and never worked correctly for me. I started my blogs in August, so no long history there.

    I am using both an iPhone and an iPad 2 with the newest iOS release.

  2. Would you give something a try for me? Try removing both blogs, then adding them back to the app.

    We identified a bug having to do with matching multiple blogs on the same sub-domain that would cause the behavior you described. We included a fix for it in an earlier release, however, if you had already added your blogs to the app before upgrading it might still be the case that one might grab the wrong set of stats. I think removing and re-adding the blogs might fix things since the app would have to reconnect to Jetpack, this time with the fixed code.

  3. After reinstalling the blogs, it got worse: one blog shows the stats of the other, while the other tells me "You are not a member of this site". The way through the dashboard still works and brings the right stats.

  4. In the app, would you try going to Setting > tap on your blog(s) > tap Configure Jetpack Stats > and try to Verify and Save Credentials, making sure the correct credentials are being used?

    If this doesn't fix things would you be game to letting us try to do some debugging with a test accounts on these two blogs? If so you could email credentials to The test accounts need to be editors and we'd need the screen name of the account used with Jetpack.

  5. The procedure brought me back to the start: both blogs now show the same stats again. I am hesitant to install an editor and will think about it.

  6. Perfectly understandable. If you decide to create the test accounts we promise to be on our best behavior!

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