Improved image captioning

  1. The captioning in the IOS app isn't very useful, and it creates invalid html.

    Both the classic editor and Gutenberg play nicely with the media library; they draw captions from the image meta and if you edit a caption, they update the image meta. In the IOS app there is no connection to the image caption meta. The IOS app simply tries to add a text string into the post.

    The classic editor does captions with a shortcode. Gutenberg uses HTML5 elements. The IOS app tries to use HTML5 but does it wrong.


    <!-- wp:image {"id":18} -->
    <figure class="wp-block-image"><img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-18"/><figcaption>Fire on Broadway</figcaption></figure>
    <!-- /wp:image -->

    IOS app:

    <img src="" class="size-full">
    <figure><figcaption>Fire on Broadway</figcaption></figure>

    Note that the IOS app didn't wrap the image together with the caption in <figure> tags, it only wraps the caption. That leaves an empty figure with a caption that isn't associated with any image.

    If you want a caption in the IOS app, it is more effective just to add it manually as some text below the image.

    I'd like captions at least with correct html and, even better, linked to the image metadata.

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