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  1. I do a very simple blog to highlight our kids for our extended and distant family.
    It's heavily image based with but a sentence or two to go with it.

    I greatly dislike the new method of importing images into the WP app, and then having to "import" them again into the post. It's redundant. But I DO like the ability to assign a size and whether it's above or below content- although I usually author in order so that's not much of a feature. Plus, one can always copy/paste HTML to move stuff around.

    What I would REALLY like to see is the APP use the image settings found on WP proper. So whatever sizes _I_ set thumbnail, medium, large to, are what the WP app are going to pull and use. It makes no sense that I have set to a 600 pixel wide image for Medium, yet the WP app makes a Large image 640 pixels wide, which matches nothing.

    If I set Thumbnail, Medium and Large image sizes on, I expect the WP app to honor those settings. I appreciate the ability to upload original size as well, and I have used that on occasion to upload Draft posts, but have then had to do further editing by computer before making he post live.

    I would also like the ability to center images. (or left, or right)
    I want to frame an image with a border. (with a thickness that I can set)
    I want to turn OFF image linking. (especially since the WP app only uploads same size images, so an image linking to it's same size self makes no sense whatsoever.)
    I want the ability to import multiple images from my iPhone image library at one time.

    And most of all, I want all these items in a preference (Settings) so that I set them once and every image after that defaults to these settings. Then I can go in and change them in the HTML if I really need to, but this'd simplify things for me and yet dramatically improve the final look of posts made in the WP app.

  2. I agree that the App should honor the WP settings for image size. I could not find an App setting so I could at least manually set them to be the same.

  3. Filed a trac ticket for this request. Image uploading and managing is handled pretty poorly in the current version of the app, of course this is something we want to improve upon in the future.

  4. Yea. Perhaps an understatement.

    I just got an iPhone 4. And DL the current version of Sp for iPhone and now when I impot a photo from my library on the phone, I see the correct thumbnail, but wen I select it, the screen is full black (no image). When I embed it and push the article to post, the photo is there.

    When I tried a second article with 4 images, I got three copies of an image from another post, and the final image was one I actually put into the article. When I went to WordPress on a computer, and looked in my media library, there were a half dozen uploads of unattached images, mostly the same one, but a few others sprinkled in here and there. I manually deleted all of them.

    But along with all the images I didn't want, it turns out the iPhone app also uploaded the images I did want, but just didn't use them in the article (how THAT occurs I don't even want to try to figure out) so I created a new post on the computer with the images iPhone pushed to the server correctly, and then published it from the computer.

    But isn't the whole point of the iPhone app that we DON'T need a computer?

    The reviews of the current iPhone app are generally bad to horrendous. The older version I had on my iPhone 2G worked better than the new version and this specifically shows how the current system of application distribution (the user experience) sucks. There ought to be a way to have multiple versions available for those who can't get the latest and greatest working right (or at all). But that would be confusing to new users so Apple won't allow it. And there's no sideloading of apps so end users are screwed if they update to a bad version because there's no way to go back.

  5. The displaying of uploaded media content is indeed broken in places for the most recent version of WP for iOS. It's being fixed in 2.6.4.

    I understand your frustration and I can only hope you will stick with us a little longer. In order to make the app all we want it to be, we have to go through and change the way data is stored locally on the phone to CoreData. This has meant a lot of stability issues for the app's users, combined with admittedly a little poor testing before certain releases.

    WordPress for iOS is, like all our the other WP Mobile Projects, an Open Source app - and we're speeding up the progress until there's a bigger community around Open Source development around mobile apps.

    The plan now is to focus completely on WP for iOS, prioritizing making everything that's already in the app work as expected, and iterating quickly fixing crucial bugs rather than pushing big releases.

    Again, I'm sorry for your frustration. I hope we don't need to disappoint in the future.

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