Imported posts can only post, not save

  1. If I import, ‘share’ in iOS-speak, a document from another app to the Wordpress app, there’s no option to save it as a draft. I can only publish or abandon the text. That a problem because often there is cleaning up to do,

    Am I missing something or is it not possible to save incoming text?

  2. Hi billbennett,

    What kind of documents are you importing into the WordPress app? Could you give me a specific example of another iOS app that you are sharing the document from, and the filetype you're sharing?

    Additionally, are you trying to add the content to an existing post/page, or create a new one with it?

  3. Hi Anna

    I'm writing stories in iA Writer. It's a Markdown editor. If I send an iA Writer document from my Macbook to the WordPress website it acts the same as a story written directly into the Wordpress editor. It handles the conversion from Markdown to HTML fine... well with links, italics, bold or various levels of heading.

    I've only used this to write new posts... not amend existing ones.

    When I send it to the iOS app, the only option is to publish... there is no save at this point. There's not even an option to proofread.

    iA Writer is great because I can write something on my Macbook, make changes on my iPad or iPhone, then, in theory, post to WordPress. But because of the problem I've mentioned here, it doesn't work on the move. I have to get to an office with the MacBook to post.

  4. Thanks for explaining, I completely understand why you'd want to be able to save as a draft.

    I've taken a closer look and the process for saving to a draft is a little different than you'd expect. Could you please open up a post in iA Writer and give the following steps a try:

    1. Select your usual 'send to' option, but instead of selecting the WordPress App from the list, select the 'more' option from the menu directly below. As per the screenshot here:

    2. Next, under activities toggle on the 'Save to Draft' toggle like in this screenshot:

    3. Now when you revisit the 'send to' menu you should have a 'save to draft' option with the WordPress logo. Here's another screenshot: you can use this option now to send you iA Writer posts over to a WordPress draft.

    Give that a try, and let me know if you run into any problems!

  5. Thanks Anna

    This seems to work, I tested it earlier. Although I've not tried it for real yet, I'm confident this is the answer.

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