Image upload OK, but how to modify metadata?

  1. Hi,

    i have uploaded images from my iphone and can view them in the media-section. I'd like to modify the title - which ist 0153.img for example - to "Start" for example - but i can only view the meta, How can i modify it?

    When Pressing modify/change ("Bearbeiten") i can select pictures, but only to delete them.

    (Applies to Admin on self-hosted blog, wp 4.9.6, uploaded with latest ios app)

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Hello there,

    Unfortunately for self-hosted sites the API we use to interact with your site (WordPress XMLRPC-API) doesn't allow update of media object information after an upload is done.

    The only option at the moment is to add the Jetpack plugin to your site and then connect to your site using the login associated with the Jetpack plugin.

    Hope this helps,


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