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  1. Hi Guys,

    I love the WordPress iPhone app, it's really handy.

    I have a use case that I think would e really useful.

    I want an easy way to get images from my phone to my WordPress blog so I can then sit at my computer to write a post.

    could you please add a way of selecting and uploading image to WordPress via the app, but that does not create a post. So the images are there and ready when I come to sit at the computer to write the post?

    I think this would be a really useful feature.

  2. This is a workaround but may help you:

    Use a cloud service to sync your pictures between your devices like iCloud or Dropbox so, when you take a picture it is available in your computer too.

    There are also plugins that will take a picture from Dropbox (web) without to download it to your computer.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! This isn't a current a priority for development, but it's on our radar, and if you're interested you can follow along:

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