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  1. I have a self hosted blog on Storm on Demand running WP 3.6. When I try to add an image to a post using Wordpress 3.6.4 for iOS on an iPhone 5, the image upload progress gets to 100% and then I get a dialog box with the error: " Upload failed Received 'Internal Server Error'. It seems there is a problem with your Wordpress site"

    When I log onto the WP install on a computer and check the media library, the photo has in fact uploaded, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've tried enabling Extra Debug and checked the log file, but it doesn't record any errors.

    A couple things about my configuration. I'm accessing the site on iOS via https with a self signed certificate. Could this be part of the problem?

  2. Actually I don't think it's a problem with https or the fact that the cert is self signed. I just tried deleting the blog from the iOS app and readding it using http (non-SSL) and I still get the same error when I try and upload an image.

  3. Also, when I look at the images in the web version of Wordpress in the media library the image show up as "unattached". The other weird thing is that when I try to load the image into a post via the web version of Wordpress, it has no option to choose a different size (the "Size" drop down does not show up under "ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS")

  4. Okay I've tried the suggestions about adding some lines to .htaccess or php.ini as suggested in these posts:

    I've also tried enabling extra debug and looking at the log via iExplorer. There are no errors showing up in the logs. I'm at a total loss. This seems to be happening on all blogs I have hosted with Storm on Demand (Liquidweb). Anyone else have this problem, or better yet a solution?

  5. Have you checked your server logs? Since it's an 'Internal Server Error' something should show up in there.

  6. Hi Jorge, thanks for your help. I checked the server logs and it looks like the culprit was the WP Retina 2x plugin.

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