IMAGE SIZE, still small with 2.1!!!!!!!!

  1. Has anyone figured out how to upload full size images from the iphone????
    Every setting in my wordpress media area is for larger images, i do not have the reduce image size switch enabled; and still i can not get the app to upload the images at full size.
    I just got the 2.1 version and still no dice -
    i see in the code that it is 300x250 and i can go in and manually change those numbers, but that's gonna end up being a real annoyance
    any help is appreciated!!!

  2. Robert,

    We're investigating this. It seems to be a matter of how the blog handles things (I.E. the app is submitting in full size, but the core is modifying the image size when creating the page.)

    I don't have an answer yet, but will post back when I know more.

  3. ok
    thanks for the quick reply

  4. Yes, I would love to know the answer to this question too. Right now all photos seem to post at a small size. I would also love to see caption/specific sizing features in the app so that I can make sure any photos I post from my iPhone look as good as they can. Great App otherwise though. I look forward to seeing it improve.

  5. There's a problem somewhere in the interaction between the app and the WP Core. We're working on it and will let you know when we have a resolution...

  6. this small image problem makes this app unusable to me.
    Also it would be great if we had an option in the app to make the image whatever size we want.
    hopefully these issues get resolved soon

  7. We're working on it. Thanks for the sizing suggestion.

  8. Thanks for the feedback regarding the resizing of iPhone images in WP.

    I have another question regarding uploading from the iPhone:
    Is there a way to ensure that the text comes after the image when posting from the iPhone? At the moment it seems that any photos attached to a post created on the iPhone are always placed after the text and not before it, when the post becomes live on my WP blog.

    Thanks in advance for any insight on this matter...

  9. Yes, you can change the location of the phot in your post... It takes two steps.

    Since the app adds a photo to the "end" you can easily make the photo show at the top of your post by adding the photo first thing. Then save the post. When you re-edit the post you can add your text -- after the code for the photo.

    In the same way, you can cause the photo to show up at any point in the post. After saving the photo, you can copy and paste the photo code to the right spot, or you can save the photo at the "end", and then re-edit and add more text after the photo code in the post.

    See an example on my test blog here.

  10. Hi,
    I can here looking for an answer to this..

    I'm having the same problem as everyone else.
    I really need to post photo's larger than 300 x 300.

    Some image size options would be very helpful.
    Otherwise I like everything else about the app.


  11. This is a known issue with the WP core. We're working on it and I'll announce a fix on this forum when it's done... Sorry for the inconvenience!

  12. Its now 3 months since this was reported, still not even work-around?
    I have a similar problem, but rather than not being abe to upload fullsize images, my images never get resized from the iphone app... I'm only maintaining the site, not using the iphone app, and when iphone app users upload images the defined sizes under media settings are ignored. This is even worse since it totally messes with the design of the site (images are being put over the content areas into the sidebar areas)
    I can fix this by using clipping in css for the site stylesheet but that creates non beautiful posts...
    I get a feeling though that theese issues are connected...

  13. and yeah, forgot to mention that this happened after the iphone user updated the app to latest version...

  14. New to WP, and just started testing posting from iphone before I go on hols.. and noticed there was no control to image size or placement on the blog (left, right, centre.. etc), image was too big 480x640, would rather have smaller images in blog itself...

    Found a free iphone app, SimpleResize, was able to reduce image to 240x320 (you can go smaller), and now very happy!!! Would still like control over placement in post, but this will do for now....

  15. Lol.. just noticed this thread of for people wanting bigger photos.. I wanted them smaller, when at least in the blog anyway....

  16. We've got more control of image size on the roadmap....

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