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  1. Using Wordpress for iOS on an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.3 I update posts written on my own Wordpress install with pictures taken with the iphone. I open a post, and pick an image from the photo albums to attach to the post.

    The picture is taken in portait rotation and in the photo album looks ok in portrait rotation. When I open it in Wordpress it is in landscape rotation. I attached the picture anyway and when I check the updated post on my own website it looks... Well. On my Mac/Chrome it looks fine, the picture is in portrait. But on my iPad/Safari, the picture is in landscape?

  2. Thanks for reporting the issue.
    We're looking into this problem and will post updates as we have more information on this.

  3. I am having the same problem and finding it quite problematic as I'm traveling and trying to post a large number of pictures. My pictures that are taken as portraits upload as landscapes. I am using an iPad and the pictures come up as landscape rotation (sideways) in my safari browser. I've been using the app for over 2 months and this the first time I've had the problem.

  4. The app version 2.8 contains a bug that affect the ipad safari browser. Portrait pictures can appear sideway. We already fixed the issue and the next app release (2.8.1) should be available for download later this week or during the first days of next week.

  5. Is it then also displayed correctly in the app itself?

  6. Hello- when do you expect that an update for the iPad will be avaiable to download?

    Thank you,

  7. Hello,

    I was glad to see thar you published an update and fixed the rotation problem.

    However, with that one fix came many more problems:
    - spell check is non-existent
    - I can no longer insert links
    - I can not edit/select text in the body of a post (it takes me to the end of the post)
    - the app still crashes if I try to upload more than 10-12 pictures

    As I am traveling and trying to publish a travel blog daily, this is incredible frustrating. I wish that I had never updated the app as it worked fine when I left back in March. All of the updates have only created more
    problems. Please advise on whether there will be yet another update to correct these malfunctions.

    Thank you,

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