Image resizing and scaling issues in 2.6.x

  1. Hu Guys

    I'm having real issues with image uploading.

    I edit all my images to a resolution of 500x200/300 using either Photopad (iPad) or Photogene (iPhone) before uploading to my blog via the Wordpress App. This worked perfectly in all previous versions, allowing me to upload the original size of the image, however as of 2.6.x whenever I upload an image of this resolution it distorts the scale or uploads it at a MUCH larger resolution meaning it doesn't fit my site template. The new upload image function seems to force the images to square, is this correct?

    My site is self-hosted running Wordpress version 3.0.1

    The site is hosted via Vikatec and the address is

    I'd be grateful for any help anybody could provide.

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