Image Resize Issues - MAJOR IOS APP PROBLEM!

  1. I'm not going to leave a bad review on the app store because I know how much work goes into Wordpress but I need your help. No matter where I specify maximum image size limits, original sized images get uploaded through the IOS App when trying to publish.

    I set these limits and no matter what, It's still showing images at 3000x3000 images or more. My max size is 1200x1200 so why isn't Wordpress resizing them on upload?

    And how come you don't have an option to select these sizes BEFORE upload? I have to go in and resize and image AFTER UPLOAD (through image edit) and it's STILL NOT resizing them... A day later after posting to my blog after several months of inactivity and I still cannot resize images...

    You know, there was this great program called PixelPost back in the salad days that took all the headache out of running an image based photoblog. I miss those days.

    Can you guys please help me with some ideas here to simplify and get this working!? As much as I love Wordpress, this is making me want to shit a brick! I wouldn't be coming here until after several hours of troubleshooting and configuring and it's burning me out!

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  2. I even tried editing the image in the IOS APP to downsize from the original size of 3000x3000 to 1200x1200 and what happened!? It posted again, this morning, the same 3000x3000 image?

    With Wordpress being as big and as important as it is, why is this even an issue? The image resizing is NOT working, period. This spells trouble for a photographer that doesn't want original images being posted to the internet to get ripped off.


  3. If this was the power of publishing in your pocket, it would be as simple as uploading an an image to Instagram. But NO, you go to upload an image and it's uploads only the original default image, therefore putting it in danger to be stolen and it won't even crop an original image down for web-viewing. Instead, I'm going to have to develop a work flow to upload images via computer to manually crop them before uploading them to Wordpress...

    In the end, the app is misleading: NO, IT IS NOT PUBLISHING IN YOUR POCKET!


  4. Hi cowlishaw,

    If I understand correctly, you have set a max image size of 1500x1500 on your blog and the expectation is the app will upload images at this size. I'm guessing that the setting on your blog is the one in the wp-admin at Setting > Media > Image Sizes. Is this correct?

    The Image Sizes setting on your blog affects the display size of an image but not the dimensions of the uploaded image, even in a browser. The display sizes are what you see when you tap to edit an image inside the app. For example, if you have an image that is 3000x2000 and upload it via the media library in wp-admin, the uploaded image will still be 3000x2000, even if your max setting in Image Sizes is lower.

    We understand its not always ideal to upload the full size image from the app, so we've included a feature to put a cap on the max size uploaded. Just click on Me > Account Settings and adjust the Max Image Upload Size slider to your preferred size.

    Hope this helps!

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