I can edit old posts, but not publish new ones.

  1. Before the most recent update I was able to post to my self hosted blog. After the updat I got a 'bad username/pass" error. I fixed this error by deleting my blog. Then I wrote a post, I press update and the little wheel spins like it is thinking... But my blog remains the same. When I edit old posts it works fine.

    It has failed like this with cb ode 777 on and off.

    I tried pasting the text in to a new, post... It still would not update... And now I have these phantom posts listed on my blog... No way to delete them.

    What can I try next?

  2. I found out what it was... The post had a publish date that was a few hours in the future! I changed it and the appeared! Can I fix the date?

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