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  1. Having a problem with the HTTP Authentication on the iPhone app. Seems that it will authenticate to allow me to post and edit, however, when it comes to the preview option it just loads and loads and loads, and never produces a preview, however on another site that i haven't yet completed that does not have authentication enabled thru .htaccess i can produce a preview of the post. any thoughts? I'm also still having an issue with the '<!--more-->' tag, i was directed to a defect ticket a while ago which was for custom tags not the basic tag, but my issue is that if i add a more tag either in the app, or on the web it will post correct, but once it does that the post body disappears from the iphone app, all the headers remain (title, post status, tags, etc...) but the actual post text disappears as if it was never there. does anyone have any ideas?? thanks

  2. Yes - we just yesterday nailed down the more tag issue you describe - it will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for such a great description of the problem though - that's exactly the kind of thing that helps us find and solve problems quickly.

    Preview is problematic and may not be related to HTTP Authentication. I have seen similar problems without HTTP Auth. It's on my list for a deeper look and probable fix/upgrade soon.

    I am curious though - is the other site identical in terms of theme etc...?

  3. i have tried the preview with both an identical site one with and one with out auth, i have also tried with several themes, again both with and with out auth. it seems to only be an issue where it times out when there is auth enabled. hope that helps.

  4. It does - thanks much!

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