1. request id no 52 'password protected directory problem' has been put into 'future release'. given that previous versions included a work around for this, it seems reasonable that this workaround can be included into the next release, if not listed as an official feature.

    Without this, the app is fundamentally useless. not everyone wants to allow joe public access to their blog, and i just thought you needed to hear this feedback. its certainly more important than some of the other tickets in dev. thanks.

  2. There are other ways to password protect your blog that by forcing HTTP Basic Authentication. Check out the plugin directory for plugins that will require a visitor to be logged into your blog into order to access it.

  3. Agreed there are other ways but complete privacy is only achievable via http auth. I'm not discounting what you are saying, I just think it deserves a much higher priority- particularly as it was previously possible to get around it. I use drupal and there are similar permissions bsed ways to restrict access as in sure you're aware but I'm afraid to win me over this app needs a workaround. None the less it does look like a decent app and I'm glad you can take this feedback positively.

    Ps. Upon re-reading my initial post, I must admit it sounded ever so slightly rude. Apologies indeed!


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