How to update my Homepage in premium theme?

  1. I'm able to update my site using WordPress for iPad and the WordPress installed in my website. But I can't modify my home page from my pro theme, 1379. Can't find how to modify some pages, like where is the name of my WordPress site, in my case the name that I need to change is "zero" , and others information, what can I do?

    Thank you,
    Antonio Avila

  2. Are you hosting your blog on or self-hosted WordPress ?

  3. Hi, thank you for your answer. It is self-hosted, and found the way to made the modifications, now I know how much importan is WordPress in the industry. Like I need to do now is move my blog whit the theme 1379 to Inorder to make all the chages in this site and move the customized theme to the self-hosted WordPress. I could not install theme 1379 in WordPress site, that I have in my site

    Would you know how to do the installation because in your site is not available this theme?

    and The correct way to move my final work to my production site?

    Thank you very much.

  4. You need to contact the support team -

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