How to share iPhone video to all browsers, HTML5 or not

  1. Hi, I'm having a problem and I can't be the first one to have this.

    When I upload a video using my iPhone, the video is embedded in the post using HTML5. This is great for safari and Chrome, but I can't view it in Firefox or IE.

    I found a plugin called MediaElement that works great if I am creating a post on my wordpress site, but videos uploaded via iphone are still HTML5 only.

    How can I get around this problem?


  2. Hello I'm having the same problem .

    I can't upload a movie from the Wordpress Iphone app in Htlm4?

    In the Wordpress IOS before this one it was no problem??

    Can it be fixt??


  3. There is somthing wrong with medium upload video!
    Its to big width="640" height="376" ??

  4. I too am experiencing this issue.

    Is anyone working on the solution?

  5. I am having the same problem. Is there a bug tracking forum for the ios app? I think this was working with an earlier version of the app prior to a recent update.

  6. I have the same problem I think, I could upload with the quality set to low and the setting to html4, but then the movie ofcourse was very low quality and not good at all?

    I don't understand the problem? why can I not upload a bigger movie? is the problem the size or what? the movie when set to medium Q goes to 100% upload and then give me an errormessage.

    please help

  7. @jephperro @saencity - Open the Settings app, and tap the WordPress item. Then tap the 'Video Content' item and select HTML4.

    @tonywillner - Take a look at the following FAQ here:
    If that doesn't help, turn on the ‘debug mode’, that enables extended log format, and check the log file

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