How to install Wordpress for iOS 2.8.2

  1. Hello

    I have iOS 3.1.3, because my first generation iPod Touch won't update past that iOS version.

    I have heard that Wordpress for iOS 2.8.2 was the last version to work with iOS 3.1.3.

    I was wondering if there was a way to install Wordpress for 2.8.2 on my iPod.

    Other information: My iPod IS jailbroken using Whited00r

  2. You can check this link regarding that;

  3. I think you are mistaken. The link you gave me was for Wordpress 2.8.2. Meaning the version you install on a web server.

    What I want, is Wordpress for iOS 2.8.2... meaning the iPod app, so I can post to my Wordpress blog from my iPod Touch with iOS 3.1.3

  4. Unfortunately the only way you'd be able to install it would be to get Xcode, download the app branch tagged "2.8.2" from the SVN repository and then build it onto your device. Can't really provide support on how to do this, but it's doable - just very cumbersome.

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