How to assign multiple users

  1. I have the WordPress App on my iPhone and it works great. I can select the WordPress site I need, and make changes on the fly. No problem!

    However, I want to put the same WordPress app on my wife's iPhone so she can have administrative access to the same WordPress sites. I set her up as an administrative user on one site, but she cannot login using the WordPress App on her phone. The same settings that work for her to login to the backend of the site on her computer do not work to give her the same access with her iOS apple.

    Someone please let me know how I can get her running with her WordPress app.


  2. Is there an error message that appears on your wife's phone when trying to add the site to the WordPress app?

    Also, is your site setup to use two-factor authentication? If so she'll need to login with an application specific password instead of her normal password.

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