How do I put my Photos at the top of the post?

  1. is there a way to put the photos at the top of the post rather than the bottom of the post via the iOS app? -- even better would be the ability to place the photo where I want it inside the post.

    As a side note, can I change the img alt, title, description, link, name attributes?

  2. After adding the photo to my post on my iPad, I went back and edited by cutting the code that put the picture in from the bottom of the post and pasted it into the top of the post. It worked and the picture moved to the top of my post.

  3. When you say you edited the post. Did you do it from the iOS app itself? or did you go to your web interface: to edit it?

  4. I edited it on the iPad and moved the picture location by pressing my finger on the text symbols that indicated the picture at the end of the post and selecting that text, cutting it and then pressing my finger in the new location and tapping paste.

    I edited the post I wrote this morning many times after publishing it. Worked fine to edit, but it erased and took on the creation date of the previous blog entry which I wrote from my iPad. Not good.

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