1. Both of my websites are shown twice in the website selector, but only once when I press edit.

  2. Hi there! That's a known bug that should be fixed in version 5.6 of the app, which has been submitted to the App Store and is pending approval from Apple.

    In the meantime, some users have found that following these steps has resolved the problem for them:

    1. Log out of the app by tapping on Disconnect from on the Me tab.
    2. Delete the app from your device.
    3. Re-download the app from the App Store.
    4. Log back into your account.

  3. Thanks, I will try that.

  4. Sounds good! 5.6 was just released, so if you're still having problems, make sure you've updated to the latest version.

    If you're still seeing crashes after updating, delete the app from your device and re-download a fresh copy from the App Store.

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