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  1. I have my blog up & running, and have downloaded the iPhone app, but can't seem to find clear directions on how to use it gain access to my blog. If there is somewhere this is all clearly spelled out, please feel free to point me there.

    I launched app, tried to add site, but got message saying "Sorry, we can't log you in", then NSXMLParawrErrorDomainerror 111.) I searched, but all that stuff is over my head as I am not a programmer or WP expert. I am wondering if I am entering the wrong set of log in & passwords? I have the ones I use to log into blog, which gave me that message, plus ones I use to update blog- using those also do not allow me access, but without second part of error message.

    App version 4, iOS 7.1.


  2. That pesky parser error... :( This is a good thread to read up about it:

    Please try using one of the default themes and disabling plugins to see if the parser error goes away. If so, you can switch your theme back and start reenabling plugins one at a time until you find the one causing the problem.

  3. I will try it now, and I see iPhone app has been updated to 4.0.1. One question that I am unclear on is which login & password I am using- received one set I use to log into my blog on host site, I have a different set I use to make changes to blog, plus I have a set for WordPress.... I just want to make sure I am trying the right ones. App actually seems to want one for

    Just tried using that one- first time it wouldn't let me in, but second time it did. Now, I seem to logged in as "me", but to add my site it is again asking log in, password & site address (full URL?)- which ones do I use?


  4. You can use the same credentials you normally use when logging into your blog.

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