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  1. Does the iPhone app use some other port than standard http ports for accessing a self-hosted blog? I have had continual problems trying to connect to my blog from my iPhone's data connection, but can connect internally on my LAN via wifi to the "private" ip address no problem.

    I can access the blog from Safari from the outside. It's just the iPhone app that continually gives me a "gateway error 504 timeout".

    I guess I can set up logging and try to figure out what it's doing, but if someone knows the answer it would save me some time.



  2. No, I don't think so. It does try to access the xmlrpc file and some servers don't allow that.

    A connection via Safari isn't a good test since safari isn't trying to access the xmlrpc.php file...

    For testing (assuming you have a mac) you can use HTTP Client (free) and try to ping your blog that way.

    There are certainly ways that a server could be configured that would make accessing the xmlrpc.php file from the outside not work...

    Hope this helps - if not, ping back with a bit more info about your setup and we'll try to troubleshoot.

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