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  1. Hello,

    I read a few comments on picture size problems but I'm not sure if this is the same as mine.
    So, here it is : since a few weeks, when I upload an image, it is correctly "auto-resized", files are created for thumbnail and medium size, but the picture displayed in the post is the full size one.

    It may have come with v2.2. If this is so, would it be possible to add an option to select which picture size we want to display in posts ?
    Is this a (known) bug ?
    Maybe is there a parameter in wordpress admin to put some default size in posts ?

    I know I could modify the article later on a computer and add the desired size at the end of the link on the article's body but that's not handy.


  2. Ok, my bad, I understand now some previous posts talking about 300x225 thumbs.
    Thumbnails were never really used.
    And those height and width attributes disappeared in 2.2 as I understood.

    I guess my point comes down to a feature request : be able to choose which size among thumb, medium and full (or auto-resize if chosen) when posting pictures or be able to customize thumb size as previously suggested at the website level.
    Though I think the first option is better and could allow to include real thumbnail sized pictures and only load them full size when clicking on them just like in the wordpress web admin interface.

    Maybe another handy feature : choose between "line return" (
    ) and "space" between added pictures.
    Sometimes, I replace some tags between photos by some   ...

  3. Something really needs to be added to the image posting. Image size of 640x480 is way too large to be in the main post.

  4. Understood - we have such a feature on the roadmap...

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