Forum returns 404 when attempting to past a message

  1. ... and the original message is lost. Highly annoying. This is a test-post to see whether this was a one-off error, or whether I'm wasting my time.

    If this does go through and posted can be edited, I'll re-write my original bug report into this message.

  2. And that should, of course, have been "post" ;)

    I can't see a way to edit or remove messages, though, so could someone please delete this topic?

  3. Argh - it's just done it again!

    There must be some character the Forum back-end doesn't like in my post!

  4. This happens on both Firefox and Safari on OS X 10.6.3 - and it doesn't seem to be related to the content of the message...

  5. It does successfully bring back a styled error page if trying to repost too quickly, though :(

  6. The page producing the error is something in the form of

  7. WTF - I just posted the title and body into a comment here, and whilst I didn't get an error the post has disappeared!

  8. Okay, this is broken - new replies are now not appearing at all.

  9. Ah - that post caused itself and the previous message to appear... but not the one including the body of the problematic post!

  10. Let's try when split into parts.

    User should be able to override SSL certificate warnings

  11. Body excluding paragraph 1:

    The iPhone Mail application also prompts to say there's a potential bad cert, but allows the user to choose "Continue" and then doesn't ask again - it just silently accepts the certificate and continues.

    The WordPress app should be more lenient when dealing with certificate errors - certainly warn the user, but do give them the option to continue.

    Right now, the WordPress app will not connect to my blog and so cannot be used, which is a shame :(

  12. Body edited paragraph 1:

    My blog is secured with cacert free SSL certificates. These are perfectly valid, but aren't signed by a recognised CA's root certificate.

  13. It doesn't like "cacert-dot-org"??!?

  14. Great - so for some reason including the text "cacert dot org" with a period instead of the word dot prevents comments from appearing and causes posts to return a 404 error page.

    Forum admins, please take a look at this!

  15. (Good god, that's taken almost 30 minutes to post one bug report <sigh>)

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