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  1. Hi,

    I did a search and the posts relating to this were in the wrong forum, so I've added it in here as an official request.

    Would it be possible to add the featured image via an iPhone / iPad please?

    Thank you


  2. Unfortunately at the moment there is no way of doing this. Possibly in the future, but right now it's not possible.
    I will be sure to pass this request to those who work on the mobile app.

  3. Count me in as someone who would love to see this added. It's really the only thing missing, for me, that would make this the perfect blogging tool.

  4. Same here: I've no issues with featured images via dashboard, but I cannot do so via the WordPress app for iPhone or iPad.

    Is there no way to do this via html tags or maybe creating a featured image class?

  5. +1 for featured images. The fact that WordPress requires a featured image in order for thumbnails to appear in excerpts is absolutely retarded, especially considering it can only be done via post admin page. Srsly? Do WordPress devs not use phones?

  6. I'd love this feature too. I'm planning a trip around the world in october. I want to be able to update my blog with my iPhone without having to go to the regular website to set a featured image.

    Please add this before october :-)


  7. This is one of the two features that I really must have.

    The other is a toggle for Sticky posts.

  8. There are featured image plugins available. It will create a featured image from the first embeded image in your post. It might give some of you a work around until this is build into the iOS version.

  9. Thanks Husar...

    I already have Featured Images on my blog.

    My request is that the iOS app has a way to allow me to interface with that. Currently, there's no way to designate anything as a Featured Image, nor is there a dialog for manually adding those keys.

    At the very least, you'd think the Sticky toggle would be an easy addition.

  10. Add one more to the requests for figuring out how to add the featured photo. It's fairly crucial for me...

  11. Yes there is a way to set a featured image with a plugin when using iOS version of WP. Ike I don't think I fully explained what i meant. There are featured image plugins that take the first image in your post and automatically set it to the featured image. It allows me to get a featured added when posting updates with my iPhone.

  12. Add me to list of eager users for this type of functionality.

    @husar, do you have a specific plugin in mind, because I wasn't able to find anything?

  13. @husar I'm looking for that plug-in... Can't find any that work... Could you tell us which plug-in you mean? Thanks

  14. Yes, try the plugin called. 'Auto Post Thumbnails'. Here is the description says...

    Auto post thumbnail is a plugin to generate post thumbnail from first image in post or any custom post type. If the first image doesn't work it will automatically search for the next one and so on until the post thumbnail is inserted.

    If the post thumbnail is already present, the plugin will do nothing. If you don't want a post thumbnail for some post with images, just add a custom field skip_post_thumb to the post and the plugin will restrain itself from generating post thumbnail. The plugin also provides a Batch Processing capability to generate post thumbnails for already published posts. A new menu item Gen. Post Thumbnails will get added under Tools menu after this plugin is installed

    Good luck! Works great for me.

  15. Installed, and will be trying ...thnx @husar. Here is the link if anybody wants to go directly there

    Now I just need a way to set the Post Format in the iOS app ;-/ any suggestions?

  16. I understand that a plugin can be used instead of installing the option to have a Featured Image in the iOS, but then everyone would have to have that plugin and make sure it is updated, even continued in development.

    If the function is added to the iOS, a plugin would not be necessary and since many more themes now are designed with this function, it would be better if the iOS were to incorporate this function in. If this function is added to the iOS, there would also need to be an option available to opt out posting the image code to the post or page, so the image is not posted twice unless the user wishes it to be posted this way.

  17. We need this to be able to make it happen:

  18. The solution Husar mentioned ('Auto Post Thumbnails') works like a charm to me, thanks!

  19. +1 ar feature Image in wp iPad app. Is that planning anytime soon? Thanks.

  20. I would REALLY like this feature too.

    @daniloercoli --- Did you mean it's not possible to build this feature into the app, or it's not possible for users to do this in the app as it currently is.

  21. @kristarella we need this to make it happen, hopefully on WordPress 3.4

  22. @Jorge --- Thanks for the info! Much appreciated. I took a quick look at the trac, but was a bit overwhelmed by the number of entries, so wasn't exactly sure where to look.

  23. This is a must to me! Thanks for considering including it.


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