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  1. Most of the time when posting pictures to my blog, I'll have several pictures to choose from. The iPhone app does not do a good job of letting me examine each picture to determine which I want to upload.

    What I end up doing is going into Apple's Photos app, browsing through photos at full size (not just thumbnails), determining which ones I want, going to Apple's thumbnail view, and memorizing which images those were (sometimes it's difficult to tell just from thumbnails which picture I want, with similar photos of the same object). I have to mentally rule out videos, since those take up thumbnail space but won't be in the wordpress thumbnail view.

    THEN I go into wordpress, edit a post, go to the photos tab, click add, and then look for the correct thumbnails (sometimes having to remember which image I want relative to other images, which is crazy.. "3rd picture of the stepper motor, after the picture of Emily".... Often I'll have to go back and forth between the WordPress2 and Photo apps multiple times just to get the posts I want.

    It's also a pain to select multiple images, as each time I have to click "+", then "Add Photo from Library", then scroll back to where the next picture that I wanted was.

    Instead, the user should be able to:
    1) Select multiple images from the thumbnail view for upload
    2) Click on thumbnails and view them before deciding to "select" them, preferably allowing the user to view the next/previous photo via swiping, just like Apple's Photos app.
    3) It would be really nice if when viewing the images in step #2 above, you were able to select that image from that view itself, instead of requiring the user to be at a thumbnail view to select them.

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