failed log in with iPad

  1. for some reason I am having issues on the iPad yet can easily access my blog on another laptop. Noticed it after I tried to attach a picture to a blog and schedule the post on the iPad. Hours later I was not able to upload the post or log in. I have deleted the wordpress app from the iPad and re installed, still cannot log in. Checked for updates, it says version 2.9.6. Am I missing an update? Not sure if its something I did...

  2. When you say you still can not login, are you seeing an error message? Could you list the steps you're taking after you launch the app up to the point where it stops working?

  3. when I try to log in using Safari browser it says wrong password...when I try to log in using the app it says "failed log in"

  4. Are you hosting your blog on or self-hosted WordPress ?

    As of today still not able to log in thru Safari browser or thru the WordPress app

  6. @EyeDeux - Since your blog is hosted on you need to open a ticket here: .
    I suggest you to use the password recovery procedure, before proceeding with the submission of the ticket.

  7. ??? Recover my password for what?! I'm able to post through Internet Explorer (including one post yesterday and 2 scheduled) yet not thru the iPad app or thru the Safari browser...and most recently just for kicks tried to log in thru my droid phone and it says the same, failed log in.
    I've already made a post on the other Wordpress forum for non-iWorld stuff and they told me to post my issue here...............

  8. And where is the "create a ticket" located? I'm directed from support to forums then back again.

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