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  1. Hi,

    I am using wordpress from my iphone 4 and all my posts start with an image, then the text. But after I post it I take a look at my Facebook wall and I see the post without the image.

    If I do this from the wordpress from a laptop the images are shown in the facebook wall.

    I am mostly using wordpress from my iphone and it is annoying to go everytime to facebook to delete the post and manually added to have the image shown

    what can I do to solve this issue?


  2. We're working on getting it working better on the side. One trick you can do for now is to upload your post first to your blog with 'Draft' status, then once it is uploaded change it to 'Publish' and then save. The picture should show on fb then.

  3. I tried what you suggested, wrote the post, clicked on cancel, then save draft, then opened again the post and pressed publish

    still no images! :-(

    any other solution?

  4. here is a screen shot with the lower post made automatically by wordpress for ios, and the one above added manually by myself

  5. Not what I meant, sorry. You need to save it online as a Draft first. When editing the post, you tap the 'gear' settings icon at the bottom, and change the status from 'Publish' to 'Draft'. You then tap 'Upload' to upload the post to the server. After that, go back to the same settings screen and change it back to 'Publish' and save.

    I did this just yesterday and it worked fine, the pictures showed up on fb.

  6. angellightphoto
    May 7, 2012, 1:27 PM

    I have a similar issue to meste's.

    I use the Add Link to Facebook plugin by Marcel Bokhorst to post my Wordpress posts to Facebook. I have set it to select the first image in the post as the FB link image and have also included a default image in case I publish a text only article. All this works perfectly if I use a laptop/desktop computer. However, most of my posts are wriiten on my iPad or iPhone when out and about on my travels. For this, I have to use the Wordpress iOS app because, even with an upload capable browser, it is not possible to add/insert images to a post when logged in to my account in a browser. When using the app, the FB link image always gets set to the default, regardless of how many images are in the post. So, for the moment, I have to resort to publishing my article with the app and then login to my account, select the correct image, and perform an update with the update FB original post box checked.

    This is far from satisfactory. Ideally, it needs to work correctly and choose the link image based on the settings for the Add Link to Facebook plugin. Failing that, the browser based method needs to allow add/insert uploads from browsers, such as iCabMobile, that are upload capable.

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