External Bluetooth Keyboard Support

  1. I travel a lot without a laptop and use my iPhone to write long blog posts. As far as I am concerned, the WordPress for iPhone app is perfect, except for the lack of support for an external keyboard - the on screen one simply doesn't cut it when you are writing several thousand words!

    I realise that up until now the iPhone hardware simply did not allow for an external keyboard, however I think I understood that with the new firmware 3.0 it should be possible, on an app by app basis, to implement support for an external bluetooth keyboard.

    I am sure I am not the only person that would like to see this feature implemented, is there any chance of someone looking into this for a future version?

  2. Is there anything that apps will need to do to support these external keyboards? I would think that it would be handled at the OS level and just work for all apps that use keyboard input.

  3. Since the iPhone doesn't support BT keyboards at an OS level.

    I think it'd have to be specifically added in the WordPress app. That'd be the killer iPhone blogging app though, a few people might make the jump just for that reason.

    I use the WP app, but I'd start using it more and probably use it for writing all kinds of docs (to then copy and paste).


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