Error 503 on all platforms after attempting access through iOS app

  1. I recently migrated 2 sites ( & from an old server on Godaddy to their new servers. Sites load fine in a variety of browsers on multiple devices, including their wp-admin/site-health.php dashboards. But, the moment I try to access them through the WP iOS app, if I try "View Site" from the External section, I get a 503 error on all regular browsers and I have to wait 10 mins or so until the error releases and I can access the sites. It's like the iOS app is making some request that prevents the site from loading, and then I have to wait for it to time-out until it will allow the site to function again. Also if I try to use "WP Admin", from the External Section as well, it prompts me to log in for the main site and loads, but not the blog. Once I attempt the blog, the whole thing hangs again and I have to wait out the 503 error.

    I contacted GoDaddy and they can confirm that the site is working for them, but once I try to use the iOS app to manage it, the site throws the 503 error for them as well. They suggested uninstalling/reinstalling the iOS app. I did so, re-associated the sites (using my credentials) and again have the same issue.

    At a bit of a loss. The solution appears to just not use the Wordpress app, but I'm concerned it's indicative of a bigger problem (maybe associated with the migration?) that could effect my site reliability on a whole. Or maybe it's just a weird glitch with the Wordpress iOS app??

  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out about this. This isn't something we hear regularly, so it's indicative of some configuration with your environment.

    Do you have any security settings set up on your site? A plugin for example could be causing something like this.

    The app uses the XMLRPC file to communicate with your site, so it's possible that the local IP from your device gets blocked after using the app if there is some security measure in place that would limit access to this file.

    You could try adding a whitelist for your local static IP to your server configurations to see if this resolves the issue. If so, then it looks like this is something your host or plugins would be controlling.

    I hope this gives you some guidance on how to get this resolved, but let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you!

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