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  1. hello

    when i access the posts of my wordpress site from iphone or ipad, it gives 404 error.. anyone familiar with that problem ?!


  2. Same thing here. Works on my PC but not on my iphone.

  3. the website is it gives error 404 on iphone and ipad when try accessing the posts

    i would appreciate any help :)

  4. It seems you're using a "mobile site generator" from dudamobile, which redirects all mobile traffic to their service. You'll have to disable that.

    It's usually found outside WordPress in your hosting provider's control panel.

  5. Oops, sorry I checked the wrong URL. I'll keep looking into it

  6. If you remove the blog from the app and add it again, does it work?

  7. No still it doesnt work,
    We've deleted and added the RSS feed link several times and still not working.

    The thing is that the same RSS feed for works on Android, but not on iOS platforms.

    Any suggestions for iOS ?

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