Error 403 on Wordpress for iOS

  1. I downloaded the new app, and I get a 403 error trying to connect to my host.

    I know the password is correct.

  2. Hi jdaa,

    This particular error message does not mean there was trouble with your credentials. The 403 error code usually means there is either a problem with permissions on the server, or that XML-RPC services have been disabled by your web host.

    You might try contacting your host for assistance determining the problem and what can be done to resolve it.


  3. We have a similar problem.
    If we try to add a blog on the app we get: "Could not login Request failed: forbidden (403)"

    We have used wordpress and the app for many years and this has never been visible before.
    We have checked that our web host has not disabled xml-files. The xmlrpc.php is place in the root. Wordpress is updated.

    What can be the problem?

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