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  1. I am a ipad lover. I love writing my wordpress in a cafe with my ipad. however, one thing kind of bug me. When I try to write a new post, I usually take sometime to draft it. I find out that I can save the new post as a draft when I press cancel the first time. However, if I go back and edit the post that is a draft, I find that there is no way to save it as draft the second time. I have to puplish it or I will lose whatever I edit. So I suggest adding a save draft button would be nice. Or a done button just like the iphone version.

    Also I find out a bug on the ipad app. In editing mode, whenever I try to go back to the top or anywhere before my current cursor, whatever I type, it will jump back to the bottom of the post. Make it impossible to go back to edit what I already wrote. Please fix this error. Thanks!

  2. When you edit the draft and type something else in the content area, you should be able to hit 'Cancel' again, and then 'Save Draft' just like when you created the draft. If that doesn't work for you can you please provide exact steps to recreate the issue?

    We just submitted 2.8.2 which fixes the editor issue, it should be out next week sometime after Apple approves it.

  3. I also have this problem...
    Writing an artivle and pressing cancel.. the first time you are asked to save...
    But if you reopen the article, write something and press cancel, the content won't
    be saved!

    But after changing the state of the article from "released" to "DRAFT", there is an "Aktualisieren"/Update Button on the right side of the article that allows saving the text...

    I assume that only local Articles with status "released" are not able to be saved?

    Greetz from Austria,

  4. theclassicyuppie
    Jun 29, 2011, 8:03 PM

    I am really annoyed with your iPad development. I tried the steps above after updating my app to 2.8.2 and it DOESN'T WORK!

    Why do users have to back out of the post by hitting cancel. IMHO, your app should DEFAULT to saving a local draft. Put a SAVE button on the post page and when the app detects a network connection, have the app display a prompt to ask, "We see you have an Internet connection, would you like to publish this post?" How hard is that.

    If you want to really know all the issues behind my disgruntlement with your iPad application, please see my post about the incident I experienced earlier today at

    Thanks and hopefully you take my feedback with some concern and don't just blow me off.

  5. My wordpress jumps to an advertising page when I try to edit a blog that I have written. What can I do to prevent this? Thank you

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