Editing A Post Causes Comments To Be Disabled

  1. So here's an annoying bug. When I edit a post via the WordPress for iOS app and save the changes, people are unable to leave comments on the post. However, when I login to the desktop version of the WordPress backend, it tells me comments are allowed. So I uncheck the box, save the post, then check the box, save the post and comments are enabled again.

    This has happened routinely for a long time and I don't understand why it does that. By the way, I'm using Jetpack Comments for our comment system. I'm not sure if this is a bug with the mobile app or with Jetpack.

  2. Ok, so after diagnosing the problem with a hunch that it could be Edit Flow screwing things up, it looks like that's the culprit. With Edit Flow disabled, I can't replicate the problem using the steps in the first post. With Edit Flow enabled, I can replicate the problem every time.

    This is version 0.8 I'm using of Edit Flow, the latest version. Would like to know if it's a bug with the app, or if it's with Edit Flow or a combination of the two.

  3. Based on what you've described I suspect the issue lies with Edit Flow.

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