Edited posts unaccessible

  1. Problem occurs when:
    1. Write save/post to (saves OK)
    2. Access an existing post to edit it. Click Save. Posts saves and is visible online, but in App it shows a spinning "saving" icon and is un-accessable. Keeps showing spinning "saving" icon even days later.

    So far the resolution is to delete any unwanted post online, then uninstall and reinstall App on phone.
    iPhone does not crash. I am able to exit and re-enter the WordPress App without any problems.
    Can add new posts without problems.

    Posting to
    Iphone ver: 2.2.1 (5H11)
    WordPress App ver: 1.2.1

  2. bcates,

    Interesting problem - I can't duplicate on my self-hosted or blog. If you're still having the problem let's gather a bit more info - which theme are you using?

    Would you be willing to give me temporary admin access so I can try to reproduce the error off your blog?


    I'm working on the iPhone app for Automattic.

    Please see the above link for more info about who I am and why I'm offering help via temporary access to your blog. No requirement of course. If blogs are not self-hosted then setting up a test blog on is an easy solution too.

  4. Theme is:
    WordPress Classic by Dave Shea

    A work around of sorts. If I come back into the App and the saving-icon is still spinning, I can get it to stop by pressing the refresh-icon (lower left corner). This now seems to give me back my access to edit the post.

    History: This has only been a problem for a month or so. Prior to this there were no issues. No changes that I can tell in my blog setup or theme.

  5. That's odd...

    Can we try to re-create issue on a throw-away blog with the same Theme? One you'd feel comfortable giving me access to because it doesn't hold any important data? (You can change password later as well)

    I only need edit-level access...

    Also, when you re-install the app, how are you doing that? Do you have any plugins in addition to the theme?

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